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Security features, 500 notes, INR series - counterfeit prevention

counterfeit note 500

The 500 note of the Indian Rupee, Mahatma Gandhi series incorporates several robust security features to ensure its authenticity and prevent counterfeiting. In 2016 Demonetization of the 500 and 1000 rupee notes, as well as the introduction of newly issued 500 and 2000 rupee notes with new security features, was announced by Prime Minister Narendra Modi. Here are some of the key security features found in the new 500 notes -
1. Intaglio Printing - Intaglio printing is used in the 500 notes which creates raised printings on the note's surface and is easily identified by touch.
2. Latent Image - A latent picture of the denomination numeral 500 is printed on the note and is tilted at a 45-degree angle it seems visible.
3. Mahatma Gandhi’s Hologram strip - On the right side of the Rs. 500 note, a thin, vertical holographic strip with a picture of Mahatma Gandhi is displayed. In the tilted note, this hologram shows a series of shifting colors and images that is very difficult to copy.
4. INK- The banknotes' number panels are printed with luminous ink. The banknotes also have dual-colored optical fibers. When the notes undergo exposure to a UV lamp, both notes are visible. Additionally, Optically Variable Ink (OVI) is difficult to reproduce using conventional scanning or printing techniques since it changes color when viewed from different angles.
5. Security Thread: The words "RBI" and "भारत" (India) are written in Hindi on a security thread that is vertically inserted into the note. When held up to the light, the thread can be seen as a continuous line.
6. Watermark: The Mahatma Gandhi portrait and electrotype watermark, which has a light and shadow appearance and multi-directional lines in the watermark window, is marked on the banknotes from the Mahatma Gandhi Series. Focusing on other detailings the Rs. 500 notes feature the letters "L" and "E" inset, the governor of the Reserve Bank of India's signature, and the year of manufacturing "2016" printed on the backside of the currency.
The Swachh Bharat logo is printed on the back of the Rs. 500 note in this case. The dimension is 66 x 150 mm. Stone gray is the color. The number 500 is printed in Devanagari also on the back is a picture of Red Fort, a historical landmark in India, together with an Indian flag. Intaglio printing of Mahatma Gandhi's picture, the Ashoka Pillar insignia, bleed lines, the circle with Rs. 500 in the right corner, and the identification mark are other aspects of the currency that help the visually impaired individual recognize the denomination. Circles with 500 on the right, and 5 bleed lines on the left and right in raised print are visible. Together, these cutting-edge security features make the 500 INR note series exceptionally secure and dependable for regular transactions while successfully discouraging counterfeit attempts.

By Namrata Biswas

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